Southern and Sovereign Pest Control Announces Partnership with Groupon


After listening to customer feedback, Southern and Sovereign Pest Control, along with Groupon, are pleased to announce the launch of a one-time preventative pest control treatment for only thirty-five dollars.

This opportunity will be available exclusively online, and will only be available in our Nashville, Atlanta and Maryland services areas. Spread the word among your friends and family.

The NEW deal is the lowest price ever offered by Southern and Sovereign Pest Control.

  • Preventative exterior and interior insect control treatment for residential, single-family homes.
  • Helps eliminate ants, scorpions, roaches, spiders, crickets, centipedes, and many more annoying pests.
  • Southern and Sovereign Pest Control’s state-of-the-art software scheduling system allows for clients to schedule on-the-hour appointments. No more sitting around waiting hours for a technician.

And that’s just the beginning. Take a moment to discover the new website landing pages.

Columbia, MD
Atlanta, GA
Nashville, TN

For more information please call Southern and Sovereign Pest Control at (800) 627-0577.

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