Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities
Southern Pest Control is always seeking new and talented individuals.
Take advantage of our employment opportunities with us here at Southern Pest control.

Southern Pest Control has employment opportunities for technicians in all of its service areas. Are you a termite or pest control technician who would like to join the Southern Pest Control Team?  Please fill out the requested employment opportunities information form below. Don’t forget to attach your resume. Experience is preferred. Please include your certification, registration, or license information from the appropriate state Department of Agriculture. In conclusion, Southern Pest Control will conduct a criminal background check and a driving record check as part of the hiring process.

Employment Benefits

Markedly competitive salary, advancement opportunities, and health insurance (for full-time technicians).


In addition, preference is given to those with prior industry work experience. Please include.

Application Process

Fill out the form below. Include contact information, certification/registration/license information from the appropriate state Department of Agriculture as well as a current resume. Concurrently, Southern Pest Control will also conduct a criminal background check and driving record check.

Become a Referral Specialist $250

Great earning potential when you become a referral Specialist. Not to mention, on your 10th referral you become a specialist. What’s more, easily earn over $1000 per week by continuing to refer your clients and business associates. In general, do you like to Network? Have a large following on Social Media, meet and greet with may homeowners or property managers? Undoubtedly, this could be the perfect way to earn a lot of extra income.

Contact us regarding employment opportunities, we’d like to hear from you.

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