Be Like Junior Program

Be Like Junior Program

Be Like Junior Program began when Marion “Junior” Smith was voted the 2009 Associate of The Year. As a matter of fact, Junior was awarded this honor due to his extraordinary dedication to customer service. Over hundreds of customers have contacted our customer service department to request Junior as their service technician. The upmost compliment. Junior has set a high standard for himself and our associates. Like a circle, the pursuit of excellence has no end. We salute Junior’s unwavering commitment to outstanding personal performance. May you continue to inspire us all for many years to come. Furthermore, thank you for all of the motivation and encouragement you’ve given throughout the years.

In addition, Southern Pest Control started the Be Like Junior Program in 2009 in an effort to encourage all of our associates to develop a foundation of excellence coupled with integrity and loyalty. For instance, Southern Pest Control trains technicians and customer service reps to provide the same professional service as Junior. We also actively track all customer feedback on the performance of our associates.


In special recognition and appreciation for outstanding performance and dedication to excellence each year, we recognize one of our associates with the Southern and Sovereign Pest Control Associate of the Year Award. In conclusion, the Be Like Junior Program recognizes an outstanding associate who has made a positive contribution to our company.

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