Entry Point Elimination Service

Entry Point Elimination
Looking for an environmentally friendly way to keep mice and rats from entering your home? Southern Pest Control is offering a new service called Entry Point Elimination. Rodents and other pests enter your home through holes and cracks in the foundation. Therefore, eliminating these entry points will greatly reduce the chance of an infestation. When you purchase the Entry Point Elimination Service, one of our technicians will inspect your property to identify rodent entry points. The technician will then use copper mesh and sealant materials to plug the entry points so that rats and mice will be kept out.

Additional Savings

The price for this service ranges from $109 to $259 depending on the number of entry points that need to be sealed. Customers can also receive an additional discount for this service by Liking our Facebook Page and downloading the $20 coupon. We appreciate the opportunity to service your home and we look forward to hearing from you.

In addition, we highly recommend using the Entry Point Elimination Service in conjunction with our Pest Control Service Plan. In other words, this will provide an environmentally friendly and cost effective solution for your pest control needs. Contact a Southern Pest Control representative and schedule an appointment today 1-800-627-0577.

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