Pantry Pest ServicePantry Pest Service

Southern Pest Control’s Pantry Pest Service will help free your pantry of grain beetles and meal moths.

Wondering why the food in your pantry is going missing? Don’t let pantry pests invade your kitchen and destroy your food. Southern Pest Control has an affordable and effective Pantry Pest Service that will eliminate all types of pantry pests such as Rice Weevils, Granary Weevils, Grain Moths, Grain Bores, Drugstore Beetles, Tobacco Beetle, Indian Meal Moth, Confused Flour Beetle and Red Flour Beetles.

Southern Pest Control Pantry Pest Service is a two-step process to keep the pests out of your kitchen and away from your food for good. Stop throwing food away, it’s like money down the drain. Contact a Southern Pest Control representative today and begin enjoying a pantry pest free environment tomorrow.

Customer Preparation for Pantry Pest Service:
Pantry pest, typically come from flour, meal, cereals, pasta and grains. Check all items to see if you can locate the source and remove. Seal any open items in sealed containers. Remove all items from the pantry until 2-4 hours after treatment. Anything infested needs to be discarded.

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