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Ants, even with their small size and stature, make a huge footprint in the wellbeing of the environment. Though they may seem like useless, annoying insects that crawl around your house for fun, they actually offer a lot of benefits to the environment. This is why we want to keep them outside, rather than indoors.

In The Ecosystem

With over 12,000 ant species in the world, they play a variety of roles when it comes to supporting our ecosystem. They range in color and size, as well as threat level. Some are harmless, simply searching for their next meal, however, some are looking for YOU to be a part of their next meal. Black ants are harmless apart from carrying diseases, whereas red fire ants are very hostile, and can become aggressive very easily.

The Many Benefits

It is a little-known fact that ants contribute a lot to our environment. We learn in kindergarten that these pests simply show up when there is an abundance of leftover food left unmonitored. However, they can also benefit households when they are outdoors.


Ants eat nearly anything, aside from insects and small rodents, even if the creature is three times their size. For example, as a colony, ants can eat dead rats and mice. If you own pets, ants can be a nice food source for many reptiles and other small mammals.

Soil and Plants

These pests also aerate soil through the tunneling process they use to build their base. This tunneling system loosens up compacted soil which makes plant growth easier. Ants are also very good garbage men, as they go around picking up dead leaves and organic matter which helps with soil fertilization. Ants also make wonderful seed dispersers. Because ants are scavengers, they like to bring back materials to their nests, including seeds plants drop. This increases the land coverage of plants and reduces competition for resources in one concentrated area.

red ant on leaf

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In conclusion, these creatures are good for the ecosystem and environment. Nonetheless, we want them outdoors, not in our homes. So, call Southern Pest Control today and let us deal with any ant infestations inside your home!