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Company Announcement – New System

We are pleased to share a company announcement about our new, fully-integrated computer system. This new platform will allow us to streamline operations. By improving internal communication across multiple departments, we can deliver a better support experience to our customers. The development of the new system’s architecture and technology has taken years of careful planning and execution. Thankfully, lead management, service orders, customer service, scheduling, accounting, operations, and dispatch will now connect to one network.

Purpose of the new system

This software development will allow updates to permit appointment and chemical information to occur in real time. In addition, we now have real-time access to e-mail service tickets. Our technicians can enter appointment information directly into a mobile device. This technology will also helps us to remain competitive. We are confident in our improved ability to manage not only our technicians, but also their service appointments.

More capabilities

Additional system capabilities include real-time insights into our operations department, on-the-hour ticketing and scheduling updates, a dispatch department redesign, and improvements to our client-invoicing system. A database will store customer orders. Along with this, the system will generate customer emails summarizing and confirming the order. Then a designated representative will monitor the progress of the customer’s service orders. The platform also provides transaction capability including: digital instant online payments, merchant invoicing, and processing completed service appointments.

Our long-term vision

With continuous innovation and development, Southern Pest Control’s vision is to optimize technology that can support growth and change. In particular, we strive to enhance the quality of our customer service and deliver innovative solutions to meet market demands. We believe that moving this new system to a more powerful server will dramatically improve our system’s functionality and, in turn, the client experience.