systinfo250pxCompany Announcement – New System

We are pleased to officially announce the introduction of a new fully integrated system which allows us to streamline operations and enhance internal communication across multiple departments to provide a comprehensive improved support experience. The development of the new system’s architecture and technology has taken years of careful planning and execution. The new system allows us the ability to connect lead management, service orders, customer service, scheduling, accounting, operations and dispatch into one network.

The software was developed so that appointment and chemical information could be updated real time in our system. We did this in order to obtain real time detailed appointment information, track chemical usage, e-mail service tickets, and establish the framework for our technicians to enter their appointment information via a mobile device, thus capitalizing on the explosion of mobile technology in the digital era. We are confident that we will be able to better manage our technicians and appointments by tracking detailed appointment information real time.

Additional system capabilities are real-time insights into our operations department, revised on-the-hour ticketing and scheduling, a redesigned dispatch department and an improved client-invoicing system. Orders are stored in a database, emails summarizing and confirming the order are sent to the customer and a nominated representative will monitor the progress of the customer’s service orders. The platform also provides transaction capability including: digital instant online payments, merchant invoicing and processing completed service appointments.

With continuous innovation and development, Southern Pest Control’s business concept is to optimize technology that can support growth and change, effectively enhance the quality of customer service and provide innovative solutions regarding market demands. We expect that moving the new customized system to a faster power server will improve our system’s functions and also provide a greater client experience.