guy spraying deck with water. needs pest control instead.

Are pests afraid of your pets?

Many homeowners believe their pet acts as a deterrent to pests entering their living space. So, are pests afraid of your pets? The answer depends on the pest and type of pet in question. On the one hand, certain pests are afraid of domestic animals. On the other hand, some pests may view your pet as a possible meal.

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How pets can help keep pests away

Because dogs and cats have a particularly keen sense of smell, they can alert you when a pest is present. Be mindful of any changes in behavior as these could signal that there are pests in your home. Pets can also take care of your pest issue by eating them. Cats, for example, make easy work of mice in the home. While this may not be the most pleasant way to eliminate pests, it can be very effective.

The downsides of owning a pet

While the addition of a pet can be a wonderful thing for a family, there are certain disadvantages to pet ownership. First and foremost is that pets require a lot of extra work. To keep a pet happy and healthy, you need to feed and exercise it. A second downside of pet ownership is cleanup if the pet makes a mess. Third, pet ownership costs money. Pet-related expenses include food, toys, grooming, accessories, and regular visits to the veterinarian. All these items can add up over time. Lastly, pets can carry pests such as fleas and ticks into the home.


To summarize, household pets can be helpful in keeping pests away. It all depends on the type of pest. In case you’re thinking about adopting a pet to keep pests away, do some research first. Make sure the pet you choose is a good fit for your family.

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