Evict Unwanted Houseguests

Are you comfortable sharing your home with flies, ants, roaches and rats? Some homeowners are unaware they are being invaded. This is the time of year, especially with warmer temperatures, when pest start to come out in droves looking for food and searching for mates.

The average home has about 100 species insects, spiders, bugs and rodents as tenants. Many of the species are small, not much larger than a grain of salt. Contact a professional pest exterminator to evict those unwanted guests. After they are evicted, consider the following Entry Point Elimination tips.

Proper Preparation and Pest Prevention Tips

  • Inspect for pests and pest-proof your home restricting access.
  • Since insects target kitchen pantries and cupboards for food sources, insects are found in kitchens where a lot of crumbs fall between the gaps. Be sure to clean food debris frequently.
  • Insects create nests in walls or floor voids when indoors. Seal any floor voids and gaps around moldings.
  • Pests may crawl indoors through cracks and crevices in the foundation. Seal all cracks, crevices and entry points around doors, walls and windows.
  • Roaches and other pests will gather at water sources. Don’t leave dishes in the sink with water in them. Repair any leaky pipes or dripping taps. Remove the water and humidity that pests, including termites and ants, need to survive.
  • Ensure trash bin lid stays firmly shut, especially if you put food scraps in there
  • Empty the trash bin regularly of all rotting food. Flies lay their eggs in rotting meat.
  • Use bug-proof containers for storing food. Ants are particularly drawn to sugar, so keep anything sweet in air-tight containers.
  • Screens over windows and doors to help stop flies from gaining entry.
  • Notice a trail of ants coming through a crack in the windowsill? Fill the gaps.
  • Trim, prune or remove any trees, landscaping, vegetation or mulch touching your home. Thus, removing a direct pathway for entry beneath the home’s siding.
  • Spider webs should be removed. Attempt to prevent web building by sweeping and vacuuming in closets, under furniture, and in corners. Use a long pole to remove webs from hard to reach corners inside and outside your home.
  • Termite infestation? Look for swarmers (winged termites) seeking to mate and start a new colony. Inspect dwelling’s foundation for mud tunnels.
  • Work closely with pest management professionals.

Need help identifying pest or just want to know what just ran across your kitchen counter, click here to view a pest identification guide.

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