Unwanted Invaders

Who doesn’t seek warm shelter during the winter months? Prevent pest from invading your home and becoming an infestation. Inspect exterior of home and locate pest entrances. Once you have located the access points, here are a few tips to help secure the perimeter and prevent those unwanted house guests.

  • Remove any and all cobwebs
  • Remove trash regularly from home
  • Secure and store pet foot in metal containers
  • Maintain a clean kitchen by removing crumbs, wiping counters and swiping floors with sanitizing cloths
  • If you have a chimney install a chimney cap
  • Ensure window screens are intact including screens covering attic vents
  • Do not store firewood indoors or near the foundation of the home
  • Keep all shrubbery branches trimmed and ensure that no vegetation touches the home
  • Use expanding foam, caulk, and copper mesh to seal any gaps, crevices or cracks around windows sills, doors, siding, dryer vent, soffit gaps, and areas around gas meters, dryer vents and outdoor facets


Eliminate Moisture

  • Ensure crawl spaces well ventilated
  • Clean gutters removing all fallen leaves
  • Use stone instead of mulch around foundation of home
  • Use a dehumidifier in a damp basement to lower the humidity level
  • Ensure there’s enough distance between the siding and the ground to prevent moisture wicking

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