You guessed it. They get their name for their likeness to fish. Drawn to moist areas, silver metallic color like scales of a fish, and side to side movements that replicate a fish’s tail through the water. These wingless nocturnal creatures do not bite or spread disease. They are harmless to humans.


  • Silverfish have six legs
  • Silverfish have threadlike antennae
  • Silverfish are known as good climbers
  • Silverfish move extremely fast on flat surfaces
  • Silverfish measure about ¾ of an inch in length
  • Silverfish are oval with a round head and have an elongated abdomen area


Silverfish females can deliver one to three eggs per day. Hiding the eggs in cracks throughout the home, including the attic, for protection. The life expectancy for most silverfish is about three years. Silverfish thrive in moist, humid environments throughout the United States. Due to their compound eyes’ sensitivity to light, silverfish prefer dark undisturbed places. They prefer to hide or rest in tight cracks or crevices during the day.

Silverfish are drawn starches and sugars. In addition, they prefer natural materials, fabrics, paper, wallpaper, magazines, envelopes, and books made with glue.


  • Keep food items such as pasta, rice, cereal, flour, sugar, and pet food in tight containers.
  • Minimize or eliminate clutter and junk stored items. Store items in airtight hard plastic containers, not cardboard boxes.
  • Keep high-humidity areas such unfinished basements, garages, crawl spaces, and attics moisture free by circulating the air with fans and/or using dehumidifiers.
  • Silverfish will enter homes to avoid extreme weather. Inspect for and seal entrance around window and door frames, utility pipes and vents. Repair leaky pipes and drains. Eliminate or repair any moldy or wet wood.

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