bgkissing250pxFun Fact Friday – Assassin the “Kissing” Bug

  • Assassin bugs or “kissing bugs” get their names from their habit of biting humans on the face near the lips while they sleep.
  • Assassin bugs can transmit serious diseases, such as Chagas disease, to humans.
  • Chagas disease, can lead to long-term cardiac damage.
  • At night, Assassin bugs are attracted to bright white house lights.
  • Assassin bugs lie in ambush for their insect prey.
  • Assassin bugs particularly like hiding between mattresses.
  • Assassin bugs look for cracks or crevices as entry points into the home.
  • Assassin bugs work their way into homes and search out dark, cool places to stay during the day, only leaving again at night for food.
  • Cockroaches will die 3 to 4 seconds after the bite of assassin bug.