b250pxlisterbetlFun Fact Friday – Blister Beetles

  • Blister Beetles are attracted to lights at night.
  • Blister Beetles are usually seen during the day on flowers.
  • Blister Beetles are attracted to alfalfa and weeds during bloom.
  • The adult Blister Beetles feed on plants, while the larvae are predators on the eggs of grasshoppers.
  • Blister Beetles are able to produce cantharidin, a toxin which can kill animals such as horses if they ingest hay that is infested with Blister Beetles.
  • Cantharidin, a poisonous chemical that causes blistering of the skin, is also used medically to remove warts.
  • The female lays eggs in mid to late spring just beneath the soil surface. Only a few of the young will survive. Eggs are laid by the female in protected areas, like under stones.
  • Beetle infestation often occur at the edges of gardens or in surrounding vegetation. Keep grass, weeds and other growth trimmed around the margins of your garden to remove the places where they might get started.