crwspac250pxFun Fact Friday – Don’t Do It Yourself Pitfalls

Homeowners may be tempted to buy “do it yourself” pesticides at a local hardware store in an attempt to rid their home of bugs.

  • In order to effectively treat your home for pests, the insect must be correctly identified. Our technicians are trained to correctly identify the target pest and determine the appropriate treatment. There are 17 different ant species that populate the Southern & Sovereign Pest Control service areas and the appropriate treatment depends on the type of ant being treated.
  • In many cases, the off shelf products are not as effective as the products used by a licensed professional. The active ingredient may not be as effective and the application may only be effective for a short time period.
  • Do you want to go into your crawl space?
    Many of the treatments for common household pests require an application to be performed in the house crawl space. Let’s face it, most crawl spaces are dark, dirty, and a little scary. Our technicians frequently encounter spiders, rodents, and snakes in crawl spaces. A professional knows what to look for and can make decisions on effectively applying pesticides in the crawl space.

Check out a cool video regarding “Don’t Do It Yourself Pitfalls”.