gr1u2bs250pxFun Fact Friday – White Grubs

  • White Grubs appear as fat white “worm-like” larvae.
  • White Grubs have many life cycles throughout the year.
  • White Grubs are hatched from eggs that are laid in the soil.
  • In the spring grubs awaken from winter and begin feeding.
  • White Grubs are immature beetles that like to feed on grass roots, causing extensive damage to the root systems.
  • In the summer pupae turn into beetles, including Japanese Beetles, which emerge to feed on garden foliage and flowers. Beetles lay eggs in the lawn soon after.
  • In the fall eggs hatch into new grubs which feed on the grass roots, thereby destroying your lawn. The destructive cycle begins all over again.
  • It is impossible to see white grubs on the surface since they exist below the blades of grass in the root zone.