mole_crickets250_pxFun Fact Friday – Mole Crickets

  • Mole Crickets are omnivores.
  • Mole Crickets have front claws for digging.
  • Mole Crickets have been known to bite humans.
  • Mole Crickets’ diet includes grubs, roots, other invertebrates and grass.
  • Mole Crickets cause a lot of damage to lawns in two ways: tunneling and eating.
  • Mole Crickets are tough to locate because they are under ground and feed at night.
  • Some of the Mole Crickets biggest predators are birds, raccoons, wasps, and small mammals.
  • Male Mole Crickets serenade, in an attempt to attract females, for about an hour after sunset. Female Mole Crickets typically fly soon after sunset in search of the serenading males.