Fireants_01Fire Ants can swarm an invader and start stinging within 10 to 20 seconds after disturbing a nest.

• Ants are attracted to electrical fields infesting water pumps, computers, air conditioners, and other electrical devices.
• The queen of a red imported fire ant colony can produce 1500 to 1600 eggs per day. She never leaves the nest. A healthy red fire ant queen can live up to seven years.
• Fire ants both bite and sting. Only their sting contains venom and causes pain.

Warmer spring weather dries the ground and with that we also begin to see ants emerge from their dormancy. I’ve been noticing more and more mounds and trails around the house, sidewalks, and parks. Fire Ants however have mounds you want to steer clear of. Certain species are more aggressive than others like the Red Imported Ant or Tropical Fire Ant.

When a mound is disturbed, sterile female worker ants rush to the surface and climb up on any vertical objects such as grass blades, sticks or legs of people or animals that are standing on or near to the nest and can begin to sting within 10 to 20 seconds after climbing upon victims. Medical problems occur when the sterile female worker ants sting and inject venom causing localized sterile blisters throwing one into anaphylactic shock and occasionally death.

What to know:
• If you live in an area where Fire Ants are commonly found, inspect your property routinely for signs. Take care not to stand on any nests or resources on which they are foraging like rocks or wood piles.
• Teach children and visitors about fire ants and their hazard.
• Wear protective clothing during outdoor activities, such as boots and avoid going barefoot or open shoes.
• Use insect repellents on clothing or footwear (these treatments can temporarily discourage foraging ants)

Our Fire Ant Specialty Service can help you control ants where they occur in areas used most frequently by people or pets.

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