Fun Fact Friday

  • An engorged female tick may lay around 2,000 eggs or more.
  • Adult American dog ticks are reddish brown in color with silvery-gray or whitish markings on the back or upper body.
  • American dog ticks are most numerous along roadsides, paths, old fields, marshy areas and trails in brushy woodlands or meadows with tall grass or weeds.
  • The American dog tick, is the primary transporter of Rocky Mountain spotted fever in the eastern United States.
  • People or their pets may bring these ticks from outdoors into the home, where they can survive for many days. The Brown dog tick is capable of causing household infestations.
  • Keep lawns mowed, brush trimmed, and leaf litter away from the home.
  • Keep trails or paths in wooded areas on your property clear of vegetation.
  • Tuck your pants into the top of your socks or boots to create a “tick barrier.”
  • Wear clothes that will help shield you from ticks; long-sleeved shirts and long pants.

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