The warm summer weather is finally here and so are those pesky mosquitoes. Please view the link below to a press release from the Virginia Department of Health on the infestation of the Asian Tiger Mosquito. There are two main points in the press release that we would like to highlight. The first is that these mosquitoes breed in artificial water containers that most of us have around our homes such as buckets, plant containers, bottles, plastic toys, and clogged roof gutters. Thus, it is important to identify and eliminate these artificial breeding grounds in order to reduce the mosquito infestation. Second, the mosquitoes are active in the bushes and foliage surrounding the home. Applications to these areas with either a backpack fogger or spraying a residual insecticide will help to control and reduce the mosquito infestation around a home. Southern and Sovereign Pest Control offers a mosquito control service that specifically targets the bushes and foliage surrounding the home. There is no reason to put up with annoying mosquito bites this summer. Contact us today and you will be able to enjoy your yard this summer without having to put up with those annoying mosquitoes.