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Join the SPC Community and become an SPC Partner!

Southern Pest Control is actively searching for companies who want to join Club SPC. Club SPC is a community where member companies will actively refer business opportunities to each other. Southern Pest Control has started Club SPC with the following objectives.

  • Establish a platform so that current Southern Pest Control customers can receive information and promotional materials for services offered by Club SPC member companies.
  • Allow Southern Pest Control customers to receive discounts and coupons for the services purchased from Club SPC member companies.
  • Work with each Club SPC Member company to develop a program so that their services can be promoted for the benefit of Southern Pest Control’s customers.
  • Club SPC Member companies can participate in Southern Pest Control’s Refer A Client Program.

Here are some interesting facts about Southern Pest Control that potential Club Member should consider.

  • Southern Pest Control was ranked by Pest Control Technology Magazine as the 62nd largest pest control company in North America for 2020.
  • Southern Pest Control performs pest control, mosquito services, and termite inspections for over 40,000 homeowners each year.
  • Southern Pest Control has 5000 interactions with homeowners each week including service appointments, telephone calls, e-mail, website interactions, and mail correspondence.
  • Southern Pest Control operates in 12 different metro locations in 5 different states.
  • Southern Pest Control has an online customer service system so that its customers can schedule services and make payments at any time.
  • Southern Pest Control offers an amazing double sided rewards referral program.
  • Join the other members of Club SPC and start growing your business through mutual promotion!

Please fill out the form below if you think your business would be a good candidate to join Club SPC. One of representatives will review your information and then contact you to discuss a promotions program that can benefit your company and our customers.