Service When You Need It

Service When You Need It

We believe that our “Service When You Need It” approach to residential pest control offers the most value and convenience to our customers. The concept is based on the fact that we only treat your residence for a problem pest when you have an infestation. Many of our competitors provide a monthly or quarterly service for residential pest control. We believe that monthly and quarterly pest control programs are unnecessary because many homeowners simply do not need monthly or quarterly service. These homeowners are paying for service and chemical applications that are simply unnecessary. Southern Pest Control will inspect your residence once each year and then only treat for problem pests when you have an infestation. This approach eliminates unnecessary service and chemical application and it allows Sovereign Pest Control to provide pest control service at a lower price.

“Service When You Need It” also applies to servicing your residence for termites. Many companies insist on servicing your home for termites with a whole house termite treatment or a baiting system when there is no evidence of an infestation from active termites. Protecting your house from termites is important but there is no reason to pay thousands of dollars for a whole house treatment or a baiting system when you don’t have termites. You can protect your residence with our Termite Service Plan. Southern Pest Control provides a termite service plan that requires an initial inspection and annual fee of $138. Under the terms of the plan, Southern Pest Control will inspect the residence once each year. If a termite infestation occurs during the plan period, Southern Pest Control will determine and provide the appropriate liquid termite treatment to the residence once an infestation is discovered. We are confident that this approach is significantly more cost effective than the plans offered by our competitors because we only treat your residence for termites when you have termites.

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