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Diseases contracted from tick and flea bites are common this time of year. In an attempt to increase awareness, Sovereign is hosting a pet photo contest for a chance to win an extermination service for fleas, ticks and fire ants. Sovereign Pest Control is offering residents of Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, a year of Pet Lovers’ Extermination Service to the contestant’s photo with the most votes. Please visit for complete details.

As the temperature rises, ticks and fleas are creating problems for pet owners and their pets. Tick diseases like Ehrlichia, Lyme’s and Rocky Mountain spotted fever are serious health concerns. The potential damage to internal organs and joint pain can be attributed to Lyme disease contracted through tick bites.

“We hear so much about Lyme disease but Rocky Mountain spotted fever has increased sharply. This can be frightening since ticks are small and their bites are usually painless. The host may be unaware of a bite,” says Dave Clayborn, Vice President of Operations for Sovereign Pest Control.

With mouthparts capable of piercing skin and extracting the blood of their hosts, the flea is able to transfer the Diplylidium caninum tapeworm, cat scratch fever and other diseases, including the plague virus. Adult fleas spend the majority of their time on an animal, but flea eggs, larvae, and pupae are most often found in the pet’s environment, especially in their bedding.

According to experts, more than 70 percent of fleas bite a dog within the first hour of jumping aboard, so killing them within that first hour is paramount. The female flea begins laying eggs within one and a half to two days after the first meal. They can lay 20 to 50 eggs a day and 2,000 in their lifetime. A truly effective flea control program always includes treating the environment as well as your pet.

“It is imperative consumers understand the effects and potential threats these disease carrying pests pose, not only on cats and dogs, but also to humans. Children are especially susceptible since they spend much time playing in the yard. It is recommended to examine your child on a regular basis,” says Clayborn.

Invite friends and family to vote for your photo. The photo with the most votes wins. Contest ends May 31,

2013. To be eligible to win, contestant must reside within areas serviced. Please visit for a complete list of service areas. For more information about Sovereign Pest Control’s Pet Lovers’ Extermination Service visit

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