TickHealth officials warn that with such a snowy winter the tick population has increased by 33%.

Taking precautions can help reduce the risk of infection related to serious diseases carried by ticks. Be aware of grassy unmanaged landscape, wooded or brushy areas to reduce the risk of tick bites. Some prevention tips include removing all brush and leaves, maintain and mow lawns short and have pesticide treatments applied in the spring or early summer along the edges of wooded yards and trails. Smaller than adults and difficult to see or feel, tick nymphs the size of a poppy seed are capable of carrying the same harmful diseases as adult ticks. After outdoor activities be sure to perform tick inspections of one’s entire body.

To avoid potentially severe complications seek medical care if you develop symptoms including, but not limited to, joint pain, muscle aches, fatigue, fever, headache, rash and or swelling.

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