We would like to comment on an article in the February 2011 Edition of PCT Magazine by Jeff Fenner on Swarming Termites http://pct.texterity.com/pct/201102/?pg=52&pm=2&u1=friend#pg44. The article discusses the perceived decrease in swarming termites during the last 5 years. We agree with the points made in the article by the author and by Dr. Gregg Henderson. There has been a perception in the termite control industry that termite activity has decreased and that homeowners do not need to be as concerned about the damage that termites can cause to a home. Termites still pose a major threat to homes in the Southeastern United States. The article cites a survey of national pest control companies from 2005 to 2009. The survey shows that leads from termite swarmer calls did not fall for the survey period. Our internal statistics are consistent with the survey. Our service history indicates that the termite activity in our service areas has remained steady for the last 10 years and there has been no decrease. Dr. Gregg Henderson is quoted in the article as saying “Termites have been around for 200 million years and there are still a lot termites out there. They are not going away soon.” We agree with his opinion and encourage all homeowner to be aware of the termites.