Spider crawling on plant leaf

Spiders are more than just creatures that spin webs and catch bugs

While many people fear them, spiders offer many benefits. They are important not only in controlling other undesirable insects, but they also help to control the insect population in general. Spiders eat harmful insects, like flies and cockroaches. Spiders can also help to aerate soil which enriches it with vital nutrients. Finally, spiders are a food source for a variety of animals like birds and lizards.

Spiders help control pests

Although spiders themselves are considered pests, they actually control other pests. Spiders feed on insects, which helps to regulate the population of harmful bugs. Their presence is highly beneficial to farms and gardens. As a result, many people appreciate having spiders on their property.

While spiders are helpful in reducing the number of crop-damaging insects, they also help humans by consuming mosquitoes. Thankfully, this in turn helps to slow the spread of deadly diseases like malaria and West Nile virus.


Spiders are a food source for other animals

In our society, may believe spiders are scary and dangerous, but did you know that spiders are part of a regular diet for some animals? Spiders are a food source for frogs and lizards. Birds and bats also prey on spiders in order to survive.

Obviously, spiders have an important place in our ecosystem. So the next time you see a spider, don’t worry, they could be lunch for someone!

Spiders help pollinate flowers

Many people think of bees when pollination comes to mind. Spiders, however, play a big role too. Flower nectar attracts spiders, which they spread as they crawl from flower to flower.  The primary pollinator of crops is indeed bees, however spiders pollinate others plants such as wildflowers. Pollination is necessary for our food supply and spiders play no small role in this process.

Spiders help in medical research

Spiders offer unique benefits to the research community that other animals cannot. First, spiders eat very little and don’t occupy much space, so they are easy to keep. Plus, spiders have a long lifespan and can be used for repeated lab experiments. Spider venom, in particular, is used in the development of new drugs. It should be noted that spider venom was instrumental in the creation of certain drugs that treat heart disease and high blood pressure.

Spiders may be small, but they offer tremendous benefits to the world we live in

In summary, spiders are beneficial to humans, crops, and other animals. By controlling pests, pollinating plants, and participating in valuable research studies, they benefit our entire ecosystem and are valued members of the community.

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