There are two basic categories of cicadas, named accordingly, annual cicadas and periodical cicadas. The annual Cicadas are present from July to September and, depending on the species, periodical cicadas emerge in early summer after 13 to 17 years as nymphs.

The nymphs, after growing underground and when ready, will build mud tubes to burrow out of the ground. Millions of nymphs will emerge at the same time seeking a place to molt into an adult and find a mate. Once an adult, the males will woo a mate with a loud, high-pitched clicking sound that may be heard up to one mile away. Only the males produce this sound. After mating, the adult periodical cicadas only live another two to four weeks.

The females lay their eggs in twigs on trees. When the eggs hatch after three months, a nymph falls onto the ground, where it will then burrow and start the process all over again to ensure their brood’s survival.

  • Cicadas do not bite or sting
  • Cicadas are 1 to 1 1/2 inches long
  • Cicadas have noticeably short antennae
  • Cicadas have prominent eyes set wide apart
  • Cicadas are greenish brown oval-shaped with black markings on the body
  • Cicadas have four wings with the first pair being much longer than their abdomen

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