What is more important than the health of our families, our neighbors, and our communities?

With these current restraints regarding social distancing and stay at home orders to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 Virus, one silver lining that has emerged is family members reconnecting with one another.

Spending more time with family, especially outdoors in the yard during warmer weather, may increase the risk of mosquito bites. The question trending on social media is “Can mosquitoes transmit the coronavirus?” According to World Health Organization, mosquitoes cannot transmit coronavirus. “To date there has been no information nor evidence to suggest that the new coronavirus could be transmitted by mosquitoes. The new coronavirus is a respiratory virus which spreads primarily through droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes, or through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose,” World Health Organization.

who_mosquitobite500pxHowever, mosquitoes are known vectors capable of transmitting parasites and viruses that cause West Nile, Zika, chikungunya, malaria, yellow fever, and dengue fever. “Vector-borne diseases,” says the World Health Organization, “account for more than 17 percent of all infectious diseases.”

Did you know female mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs at a time? Female mosquitoes need protein to lay their eggs and get it by feeding on warm-blooded creatures. If a mosquito bites an infected animal or a person, then bites you, it can pass the disease into your blood through its saliva.

Did you know mosquitoes can breed in a container as small as a bottle cap?

Here is a list of preventive measures to mitigate the spread of mosquito-borne diseases by eliminating breeding areas and mosquitoes’ bites.

  • Keep grass mowed
  • Clean and drain all clogged gutters
  • Remove any old tires that allow water to collect
  • Remove all water puddles around the foundation of home
  • Replace or repair any torn window screens to prevent access
  • Ensure water leaking from air cooling systems does not puddle
  • Remove and drain all still water in fountains, ponds, and swimming pools
  • Remove all standing water from flowerpots, small jars, pet dishes, and bird baths


  • Apply mosquito spray that contains DEET
  • Limit daytime outside activity at dusk and dawn
  • Wear light long-sleeve clothing and pants (no exposed skin)

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