kitten_300pxFleas and ticks aren’t just annoying and irritating; they can lead to severe itching, skin damage and medical problems. For the health and safety of our pets, our families and ourselves, it’s important to prevent infestations of these parasites. Consider the life cycle of the common flea: The average female can lay 40 to 50 eggs daily. The eggs develop into larvae and progress to a cocoon stage called pupae. After waiting several weeks to months for the ideal temperature and humidity, the pupae mature into adult fleas. Your pet, and your home, can be infested before a single flea is found. And finding them can be tough, especially on cats, because of their constant grooming. That’s why a one-time treatment for fleas isn’t usually enough.

Pet owners often discover a flea problem because of a pet’s severe itching, which sometimes is due to flea allergy dermatitis — a reaction to the flea’s saliva when it draws a blood meal. No pet is safe from fleas and their bites, but not all pets are hypersensitive to them. Severe infestations can occur without your dog or cat showing any obvious discomfort. Therefore, it’s best to use preventive tactics to help keep fleas from infesting your pet and home in the first place.

You can win the war on fleas, no matter where you live. Fleas can be so overwhelming that many pet owners assume these pests are inevitable, and simply hire an exterminator when needed. With a little effort and a year-round prevention plan, you can keep your pets and home virtually parasite free when it comes to fleas and ticks.

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